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Vision Statement
Re-positioning our Department for the Next Century

The Department of Electrical Engineering of Chulalongkorn University has come a long way since electrical engineering was taught for the first time in Thailand more than 80 years ago.We have more than 50 faculty members. Our staffs are highly qualified and motivated. Our students are top achievers and ambitious. Our graduates have made many important contribution to the country -- they have held, are holding, and will hold many top positions in both the public and private sectors.

The fortune of being endowed with such resources brings with it responsibility. We must continue to strive for the highest quality of education and research. Our goal is to become one of the bset electrical engineering departments in East Asia.

The challenges facing us in the 21st century are enormous. In the age of globalization and rapidly changing technology, graduates must not only possess core engineering conpetencies in problem analysis and solving. They also need the ability to assimilate new knowledge and to communicate with people around the world. Universities must not merely be depositories of knowledge but must produce acedemic work comparable to those of leading universites, as well as research results and innovations to improve the life of the people. To meet these challenges, from within Thailand and abroad, we have formulated a four-pronged strategy:

First, the education process will become more student-centered to encourage self-learning and research in a scholarly community. To achieve this, we shall significantly improve our learning methods and grow our postgraduate programs.

Second, all staffs will be more outward oriented in establishing linkages and cooperation with individuals and institutions both in Thailand and abraod.

Third, internal administration will be reorganised for greater efficiency, while at the same time promoting a greater spirit of academic freedom and self-governance.

Fourth, we shall raise additional resources through research grants, contract researches, professional training and services, and donations to supplement our annual government budget.

The responsibility to position the Department of Electrical Emgomeeromg for its proper role in the 21st century that best serves the country rests clearly upon our shoulders -- the staffs and the students, both present and future.

To enhance our chances of success, we look forward to cooperation and support, both tangible and intangible, from the government, from other universities, from public and private organizations, and from our friends in Thailand and across the globe.