Admission for Degree Program (Thai/International Applicants)

Master & PhD Admission schedule

1 September – 31 October 2021

Fill out an online application at (Menu: Admission) submit the evidence of application and attach 1 copy of the statement of purpose with the bachelor’s degree /master’s degree course score transcript.

For only PhD applicant: the research topic to be presented in the interview must be informed to email: together with a letter of recommendation from CUEE faculty who accepts to be a PhD advisor. If failing to complete this part, then the applicant will be ineligible for the interview.

The application fee is paid, and the evidence must be submitted to the system before October 31, 2021. International applicant is exempt from the application fee.

1 – 2 November 2021 (for master applicant only)

Fill out the google form to inform the selection of 2 clusters that applicant wants to interview.

10 November 2021

Announcement of the list of eligible candidates for the interview examination.

12 November 2021 (for PhD applicant) 15 November 2021 (for master applicant)

Interview exam date (please check your interview schedule time slots) And deadline to submit English scores (if you have not done so).

*Score results are important information that must be considered in the interview.

17 November 2021

Announcement of admission results/advisor name/cluster


  1. Bioelectronics, BIO
  2. Energy, ENE
  3. Data Analytics, DTA
  4. Intelligent Systems, ISY
  5. Advanced Materials and Devices, AMD
  6. Telecommunications and Networking, TAN

Special Requirement for Interview Exam of PhD Applicant

Applicant must present previous research and additional research interests within 15 minutes. This will follow by a 15-minute Q&A session by 5 faculty committee members including the applicant’s selected potential PhD advisor.